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(1) Mundelein Municiple Code
Title 19 – Subdivisions
19.04.060 - Unanimous consent requirement to create or re-subdivide subdivisions.

(2) Lakeland Property Owners Ass'n v. Larson, 121 Ill.App.3d 805, 459 N.E.2d 1164, (Ill.App. 2 Dist. 1984).

(3) Source for purchase of Real Estate Litigation, with Chapter 10, and summary at 10.6, written by Jordan I. Shifrin of Kovitz, Shifrin, & Nesbit.  Section 10.6 of Cooperative, Condominium, and Homeowners' Association Litigation.  The publication, among other things, shows the knowledge of Kovitz, Shifrin, & Nesbit that unanimous consent of all property owners is required to create a homeowners’ association.

(4) Copper Sulfate: Why not use it? - Organic Earth Solutions

“Don’t use Copper Sulfate!! ... In a pond with algae, copper treatments can cause oxygen concentrations to drop, which may result in fish kills. ... Overuse of” copper sulfate “is common due to its short-term effectiveness.  This can result in copper build-up in the sediments leading to a sterile bottom.  A sterile bottom will lead to a lack of beneficial bacteria and cause among other things, high algae blooms which in effect, reduces the chances for aquatic plants to grow due to the shading on the bottom caused from the thick algae. When aquatic plant growth diminishes, so can fish growth and survival.”

(5) Copper sulfate - Aquatic Biologists
“Aquatic Biologists, Inc. recommends never using Copper Sulfate for algae or aquatic plant management. ... Over time the use of copper sulfate can actually increase the frequency and severity of algae blooms. Copper sulfate quickly falls through the water column, allowing algae to be killed only on the day it is applied. Ultimately, Copper Sulfate accumulates within the sediment layer as a heavy metal precipitate. Once a buildup of Copper Sulfate begins a sterile lake bottom is likely to develop as invertebrates are killed off. This includes insects and their larvae, crayfish, beneficial bacteria populations which inadvertently weakens the food chain.”

(6) Use of Copper in Freshwater Aquaculture and Farm Ponds
“Caution must be exercised due to” the effect of copper sulfate “on fish and other life in the water. If your water is low in alkalinity, or if you have a heavy algae bloom and no aeration, copper treatments are not recommended.”